S.A.R.A. the robot

Posted on 01/03/2019 by JeffCousineau
Modified on: 06/03/2019
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Since the beginning of it's participation in the RoboCup@Home tournament, our team has worked considerably to fully develop our lovely S.A.R.A, whose name stands for Autonomous Robotics Assistance Systems in French. Her main goal is to be able to help people at home for daily tasks and our mission is to make her as functional as possible in order for her to be able to navigate in a domestic environment.

Developing an autonomous assistant robot for the Robocup@Home challenge

All our software we've developed is open source and can be found at : https://github.com/WalkingMachine.
Our robot is currently using ROS kinetic on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.


Hardware Description

Base Custom base with fully holonomic platform
Vertical column TiMOTION TL5
Right arm 7 DoF custom made arm made of 5x Kinova motors and 2x Dynamixels (MX-64R)
Neck Tilt and pan unit using 2x Dynamixels MX-64R servo actuator
Gripper Robotiq 2 finger 140mm.
Dimensions Base : 0,61m X 0,77m
Height : 1,22m (min.) 1.78m. (max.)
Weight ~70kg
Additional sensors Hokuyo UTM-30LX
Microphone Rode microphone VideoMic
Batteries 2x 20V Dewalt drill battery 5aH
Computers 1x Lenovo P50 32GB of RAM, Nvidia Quadro M2000 4GB
1x Nvidia Jetson TX2
2x Raspberry Pi 3 (Touch interface and sound localization)


Software description

Operating system Ubuntu 16.04 with ROS kinetic
Navigation, localization and mapping Gmapping, AMCL
Face recognition ros_face_recognition
Speech recognition Google speech API
Speech comprehension wm_nlu
Sound localization wm_odas_ros_wrapper
Speech synthesis Svoxpico and Google text-to-speech
Object recognition YOLO V2
Arm motion planning MoveIt
Task executor FlexBe
World representation wonderland





Objects recognition using YOLO V2 


Vertical motion to reach objects on the floor and on the higher shelves of a cupboard.



Environment representation directly in Rviz



Our website : https://walkingmachine.ca
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/WalkingMachine/
Flick for more pictures : https://www.flickr.com/photos/walkingmachine/albums


More informations to come

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