First Look: ROSMASTER X3 PLUS-ROS Educational Robot

Posted on 19/03/2024 by Riley224
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ROSMASTER X3 PLUS is an omnidirectional movement robot developed based on the ROS robot operating system. It is equipped with high-performance hardware configurations such as lidar, depth camera, 6DOF robotic arm, 520 high-power motor, voice recognition interactive module, and HD 7-inch display screen. It can realize applications such as APP mapping and navigation, automatic driving, human feature recognition, moveIt robotic arm simulation control and multi-machine synchronous control. 

 Professional Omnidirectional movement robot

  1. Adopts a large suspended all-aluminum alloy chassis structure, a large mecanum wheel, a heightened depth camera bracket, and a longer scanning distance. 
  2. Equipped with a 6-degree-of-freedom AI vision robot arm and an adjustable touch screen. , coded speed measuring motor, high-performance laser radar, and LED color light bar at the end, it is an advanced DIY professional programming robot kit worth looking forward to.

Professional hardware configuration

The multi-functional expansion board is compatible with four motherboards: 

  • Raspberry Pi 
  • Jetson Nano 
  • Jetson Orin NANO
  • Jetson Orin NX
  • ORBBEC Astra Pro depth camera, high-definition touch adjustable 7-inch screen, 6-DOF robotic arm with camera AI camera, YDLIDAR 4ROS TOF ranging lidar, 80mm large-size Mecanum wheel, 520 Hall coding Geared motor, 9600MAH lithium battery pack, epoxy color road alloy body structure.

◆ All accessories will bring you the ultimate programming and control experience.

Based on (ROS) robot operating system

  1. Python programming.
  2. Using MediaPipe development and supports YOLO model training and TensorRT acceleration. The robot can realize a variety of 3D machine vision applications, including unmanned autonomous driving, automatic grasping and transportation, and KCF target tracking.
  3. Includes gmapping, hector, karto and cartographer, enabling precise multi-point navigation, TEB path planning and dynamic obstacle avoidance. Using 3D vision, the point cloud image of the environment can be captured to realize RTAB3D mapping and navigation.

Multiple functions and remote control methods

  1. It can realize applications such as APP mapping and navigation, automatic driving, human feature recognition, moveIt robotic arm simulation control and multi-machine synchronous control.
  2. Support cross-platform interconnection control, dual APP control, real-life first-person controller, Jupyter Lab programming control, ROS system control.


Packing list:

Car frame (Installed) *1

Astra Pro Depth camera kit *1

7-inchscreen kit *1

4ROS lidar(Installed) *1

USB HUB expansion board(Installed) *1

OLED screen expansion board(lnstalled) *1

Data line *1

Handle+AAA battery *1

Micro USB cable(bend right) *1

Handle/phone holder *1

ROS robot *1

expansion board(lnstalled) *1

Battery pack(Installed) *1

LED strip(Installed) *1

Screwdriver *1

Charger *1

HDMI cable *1

Parts package *1

◆Tips: There are four version for choice.(RaspberryPiVersion, Jetson NANO,Jetson Orin NX,Jetson Orin NANO)


 YDLIDAR 4ROS high performance lidar

Using TOF ranging method, resistant to strong light 70KLux~100KLux, supporting indoor and outdoor mapping navigation, the measuring radius can reach 30m.

★ Astra Pro Depth Camera

It can not only realize all AI visual functions, but also realize depth image data processing and 3D navigation and mapping. With a high-angle depth camera bracket, you can also manually adjust the camera pitch angle.

★ Voice interaction module

Built-in customized speech recognition algorithm and vocal voice can make ROSMASTER can "listen and answer". 

★ 6DOF AI Vision Robotic Arm

The robotic is composed of 6 serial bus servos, and the repeat positioning accuracy is ±0.5mm. It can grab objects within a circle with a radius of 30cm, and supports handling objects that do not exceed 500g.

Aluminum alloy pendulum suspension chassis

Green oxide sandblasting technology. With 65mm 4PCS Mecanum wheels, the robot can adapt to uneven ground, ensure that all four wheels bottom at the same time, it can effectively prevent wheel slip from affecting motor code recognition.


 ROS in-depth development & SLAM mapping

Supports gmapping, hector, karto, and cartographer algorithm mapping.

Using the RTAB algorithm to integrate depth camera and lidar, the robot realizes 3D visual mapping and navigation and obstacle avoidance, supports global relocation and autonomous positioning.

 Autonomous navigation & Obstacle Avoiding

After calibrating the designated point on the map, we can control the ROSMASTER X3 PLUS by voice to navigate to the corresponding point autonomously. Lidar can detect the surrounding environment in real time, autonomously avoid obstacles in front or follow the target closest to the radar in real time. 

★ Voice interactive control

The motion state of the robot and the robotic arm can be controlled by voice. Creative gameplays such as color tracking, color recognition, automatic driving, and robotic arm handling/sorting can also be realized through voice control.

★ Human feature action recognition

Camera can realize the functions of human feature recognition and interaction, such as gesture control robotic arm movement, palm recognition and tracking, and automatic arm control of robotic arm movements.

★ Cross-platform interconnected remote control

Not only supports iOS/Android APP control, but also provides map-building and navigation APP to meet the multi-scene needs. Gamepad be included in the kit, and combined with the mobile APP, you can enjoy FPV sense.


Compared with the ROSMASTER others robot car, the X3 Plus is a completely different ROS robot car. Its chassis is is larger, and it features better hardware. The lidar scanning radius can reach 30 meters, which is more suitable for outdoor working environment. It perfectly combines a 6-DOF robotic arm and an omni-directionally Mecanum wheel body, which can be used in more practical application scenarios. The sensitive voice interaction module allows the car to interact with the user in real time and achieve some interesting gameplays.

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