First Look: ROSMASTER X1-Cheap Lidar Robot Car

Posted on 15/05/2024 by Riley224
Modified on: 16/05/2024
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ROSMASTER X1 is a 4WD drive mobile robot with pendulous suspension chassis based on ROS robot operating system. It equipped with high-performance hardware configurations such as lidar and depth camera, which can realize robot motion control, remote control communication, mapping building and navigation, following and obstacle avoidance, automatic driving, human body feature recognition and other functions. In addition, the ROSMASTER X1 also supports multiple remote control methods such as APP/handle/computer keyboard. 


Pendulum hanger*1

Motor chassis*1

520 gear motor330RPM*4

Frame main control fixing plate*1

Anti-collision beam*1

Pendulum suspension bracket*1 

Light bar fixed*1

Radar fixing plate*1


Parts package*4

65mm rubber wheel * 4

◆Hardware control:

ROS car expansion board*1

USB HUB expansion board*1

OLED screen board*1

LED light bar*1

600OMAH 12.6V power battery and battery charger*1

Game handle and handle phone holder*1

7-inch screen and fixing bracket (optional)*1

Network card antenna (only for Jetson version)

Several cables

Data cable*1

◆ROS accessories:

Astra Pro Plus depth camera and depth camera fixing bracket

YDLIDAR X3 Pro lidar (optional)

SLAM A1 lidar (optional)

Voice interaction module and speaker (optional)

Several wires

There are 2 version optional for choice

Raspberry Pi 5 version:

Raspberry Pi 5 8GB board (optional)

64GB TF card (with robot system)

Raspberry Pi board accessories package

Jetson Nano version:

Jetson NANO 4GB SUB board (optional)

64GB system U disk (with robot system)

Jetson Nano accessory package



★Compatible with Raspberry Pi 5/Jetson NANO 4GB

★High Cost Performance YDLIDAR X3 Pro/SLAM A1 M8 Lidar

Compared with other lidars on the market, these two lidar is cheaper, and its performance is also enough for indoor use in robot cars.

★ Hot selling depth camera

This depth camera comes with a color camera(RGB), IR camera, infrared projector, and depth processor. With dozens of functions such as face recognition, gesture recognition, human skeleton recognition, 3D measurement, environment perception, 3D mapping navigation, etc., it can be widely used in TV, mobile phone, robot, drone, VR/AR, smart home and other fields. 

★ Voice speech recognition module

This voice interaction module adopts CSK4002 chip, comes with voice recognition algorithm and human voice, and can complete voice broadcast after connecting to the speaker. The voice recognition computing power is as high as 128GTOPS, 360° detection of human voice can be achieved within 5 meters. The module supports USB communication and serial communication, and supports Type-C and DuPont line connections. Built-in 85 voice commands commonly used by programming cars, which can be used for most smart car or robotic arm projects.

★ Lidar obstacle avoidancel tracking: Lidar detects the surrounding environment inreal time and plans apath to avoid obstaclesor follow the nearest 'target of the radar in realtime.

★ lntelligent patrol: Select the route through the mobile APP, andthe car will patrol according to the route.

★ RTAB-Map 3D Visual mapping and navigation: Using the RTAB algorithm to integrate vision and radar, the robot realizes 3D visual mappingand navigation and obstacle avoidance, and supports global relocation and autonomous

★ Depth image data l point cloud image: The depth map, color map, and point cloud map of the camera can be obtained through thecorresponding nodes.

★ Autopilot: Supports custom color selection, and the robotcan automatically identify the color area tofollow the line.

★ Al deep learning framework: KNN algorithmprinciple /Tensorflow2.0/Pytorchyolov4-tinylyolov5 and TensorRT acceleration

★ Robot voice interactive control
ROSMASTER R1 is equipped with a high-performance voice interaction module.By issuingvoice commands, it can control the motion status of the car, color tracking, color recognition,Autopilot,robotic arm handlinglsorting and other creative gameplays.

★ Multi-robot navigation
Multiple robots are on the same map to achieve single-point navigation, multi-point navigation,and dynamic obstacle avoidance.

Compared with all robot cars in Yahboom ROSMASTER series, this X1 car is cheaper and suitable for some college students or beginners with limited funds.
Like the ROSMASTER X3 robot car, this X1 robot car also comes with a suspended chassis, which is suitable for complex terrain, and the maximum speed is 1.0m/s.

The use of cost-effective lidar and depth camera can not only achieve the corresponding functions well, but also save users money.

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