First Look: ROSMASTER R2 - Ackermann Structure ROS2 Robot

Posted on 12/05/2023 by Riley224
Modified on: 19/04/2024
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ROSMASTER R2 is a mobile car with Ackerman steering structure developed based on ROS2 robot operating system. It supports Jetson NANO, Jetson Orin NANO,Jetson Orin NX and Raspberry Pi 5 as main control boards. R2 is equipped with high-performance hardware configurations such as laser radar, depth camera, voice interaction module, 520 motor racing rubber tire, which can realize robot mapping navigation, obstacle avoidance, automatic driving, human feature action recognition, voice interaction control and other functions. It also supports mobile phone APP, wireless handle, ROS2 operating system, computer keyboard and other remote control methods.

Professional Ackerman steering structure

  1. One HQ metal steering gear and two 520 motors plus special aluminum alloy brackets.
  2. Professional racing tires are used and anti-collision strips are installed in the front of the car body, which is suitable for robot car competitions.

Professional hardware configuration

The multi-functional expansion board is compatible with four motherboards: 

  • Raspberry Pi 
  • Jetson Nano 
  • Jetson Orin NANO
  • Jetson Orin NX
  • Various accessories such as Lidar (SLAM A1/YDLIDAR 4ROS), Depth camera, Voice interaction module and 7-inch display screen can be selected by users.

Based on (ROS) robot operating system

  1. Python programming.
  2. The MediaPipe development framework is used to complete the hand and face detection, 3D detection and recognition functions.
  3. It can easily obtain depth image data and point cloud images, complete depth learning and use algorithms to achieve some AI functions.

Multiple functions and remote control methods

  1. R2 robot can realize 3D visual mapping navigation, radar obstacle avoidance, visual recognition, target tracking, voice recognition interaction, Autopilot and other functions.
  2. Support mobile phone APP, wireless handle, ROS operating system, computer keyboard, jupyterLab web page programming control.


Cross platform interconnection control

It not only supports iOS/Android dual system playing APP control, but also provides map building navigation APP to meet the requirements of multi scene APP control. It is equipped with a live person game controller as standard, and combined with the mobile phone APP, you can experience an immersive sense of control.

Lidar mapping and navigation

ROSMASTER R2 supports mapping algorithms such as gmapping, hector, karto, and cartographer.

Multi-robot navigation

Multiple robots can realize multi-robot navigation and dynamic obstacle avoidance under the same map.

Path planning and navigation

ROSMASTER R2 supports DWA path planning, single point and multi-point autonomous navigation.

Lidar navigation and obstacle avoidance

Lidar can detect the surrounding environment in real time, avoid obstacles in front or follow the nearest target to the lidar in real time.

3D visual mapping

The RTAB algorithm is used to fuse the vision and radar, realizing the robot 3D vision mapping and navigation obstacle avoidance, supporting global relocation and autonomous positioning.

ORB-SLAM2 is an open source SLAM framework that supports monocular, binocular, and RGB-D cameras. It can calculate the camera's position and pose in real time and simultaneously reconstruct the surrounding environment. Real scale information can be obtained in RGB-D mode.

Robot voice interactive control

ROSMASTER R2 is equipped with a high-performance voice interaction module. By sending voice commands, it can control the car's motion state, color tracking, color recognition, automatic driving, mechanical arm handling/sorting and other creative play methods. ROSMASTER has the characteristics of "hearing and answering".

Color identification and tracking

The robot can track the color of the target in real time by selecting the color on the screen.


Compared with several other ROSMASTER robots of Yahboom, the biggest advantage of this R2 small car is that it uses Ackerman chassis structure, 65mm metal wheel large friction rubber tires, and a faster speed 520 motor (12v output 550rpm), which can flexibly complete the turn and is suitable for some racing small car competitions. Like other ROS cars, it can also complete the AI visual recognition function and support a variety of different remote control methods, without much difference in functions.

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