RetroBoy Biped Robot

Posted on 08/06/2020 by jeffro
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13 DOF Biped Robot that uses an Arduino Uno

13 DOF Biped Robot

This little biped robot I built about a year ago and really never got around to finishing it.

Well with being home because of the virus I found some time to finish it.

It uses an Arduino Uno with a Sensor Shield. There are 13 SG90 9G Servos in this project.

It runs on two 3.7v Li Ion batteries.

It has a Sharp IR Distance sensor.

The bot is able to walk forward, right, left and Backwards.

Currently the bot is just doing some basic distance sensing and logic to detect distances and move where the distance is the greatest and less than 10CM.

I will be adding an magnetometer to it and then adding my own little AI software that will give it the ability to detect and set it min and max distance and navigate use Reinforced Learning.

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