Neutrino Life size humanoid robot

Posted on 04/09/2019 by Neutrino in B.E.Robotic's prototypes
Modified on: 19/12/2019
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Neutrino is the name of my robot, it is made of Lego technic and is full functionality.

it took 6 years to try, build and program it.

Neutrino lives in Switzerland in a room dedicated only to robots.

Lego Thechnics Robot

the robot is 180 cm tall and 35 kg, the head (brain is a smartphon) arms and legs move independently.  included in the robot is a web server which can be accessed via a web page that allows remote control via the internet, remote control via bluetooth with a phone or with an exoskeleton of sensors that allows you to replicate the movements that the pilot makes.

voice commands, can call for help by sending a preset e-mail, chatbot, face tracker, move to gps coordinates, ocr scanner, barcode reader, two lego hits, alarm clock and much more ...

in the future I will add other information on this constantly evolving project.  in my program is a tracked hoverbord where the robot can recharge.  in the project is also a metal detector and a radar for people and many other things that for financial reasons and time I can not yet implement.

At the moment I'm still busy programming the robot, especially the balance and counterbalance.  For those wondering why an arm is missing?  It's simple, I don't want to get punched by my robot anymore when I'm wrong in programming.

Lego set used:
- Gears "from 1963" Set 001
- 6 x Power Functions Motor Set 8293 Technic
- 4 x Power Functions Motor Set 8882 Technic
- Jet Plane 9394 Technic (499 pezzi)
- Bucket Wheel Excavator 42055 Technic (3929 pezzi)
- Excavator 8294 Technic (720 pezzi)
- Rescue Truck 8454 Technic (606 pezzi)
- MULTI SET 8244 Technic (283 pezzi)
- 4- WD X-Track 8279 Technic (449 pezzi)
- Ferrari F1 Racer 8674 Technic (1246 pezzi)
- Cybermaster 8482 Technic (895 pezzi)
- Frachtflugzeug 42025 Technic


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