Make a servo turn more than 180 degrees - Updated with Version 2

Posted on 10/12/2022 by demej00
Modified on: 18/12/2022
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Project to build a gearbox for standard servo so that it can turn more than 180 degrees and faster. In this case my servo will turn 450 degrees, two and half times faster.

Version 2 turns about 550 degrees with ratio of about 3.6.

Making a servo turn more than 180 degrees

Made a gearbox for a standard-sized servo so as to increase rotation angle. In this version 1, I used junk box materials to make a servo that can spin 450 degrees, two and a half times faster. Unfortunately, it loses massive amounts of torque but since it is a 20kg servo, that was worth the sacrifice for my application.

Version 2 will sport a beefier output shaft (5mm) and better gears. Using more gear teeth on the servo will allow finer angle resolution, I guess. 







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