Posted on 12/12/2023 by demej00
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Arduino Uno controlled servo arm that beats on any surface to work as a drum machine or metronome.

Description of Drumbot

Used an Arduino Uno to control a microservo with the arm attached to the servo acting as a drum stick. I used two 10 potentiometers to control the servo ending angle and the servo tempo or speed. A 9 volt power supply with positive center pole supplies power to the Arduino Uno.

Kind of a fun and useful project if you are jamming by yourself on some instrument like guitar.

I used Wokwi to program the code which is quite useful and fun to use. It even simulates the movement of the servo and allows you to turn the potentiomenters online. 

My Wokwi project is available below, just press the play button for it work.


I added a round pencil erasure to the drum stick to provide a heavier beat on the drum surface. It even allows the drumstick to bounce if you want it to.

I am currently away from home so built this project without any real tools, just scissors and hotglue. Some wires need to be soldered but will have to wait until I get home, they are just wrapped or hotglued together.


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