Charlie V2 Robotic Assistant

Posted on 12/07/2019 by jeffro in Charlie Versions
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While there is a Charlie V1, it looked like the robot Kuri and was very small and was only designed as a test platform for the sensors I am using.

Charlie is to date the largest wheeled robot that I have designed and have had success with it working as expected.

Charlies Sensors and Outcome

Charlie has many sensors and here I will list each one and what it is being used for.

Pixy 2 Cam- used for Color Recognition, Bar Code Recognition 

CMOS Jpeg Camera- used for taking pictures and saving them to the SD card

Sharp IR Distance sensor- Used for navigation around objects

Microphone sensors-Used for detecting the direction a sound is coming from

PIR Sensor- Used for motion detection

RTC-Used for telling time and scheduling of tasks

HC06 Bluetooth module-Used for communication

Micro SD card-Used to store images

Charlie is controlled using your voice through Bluetooth and your Android smart phone.

Charlie also can talk back to you through your smart phone.

There are many modes that Charlie can be put into.

Here are some of the modes and the resulting action.

Roam-Freely roams around the house avoiding obstacles.

Security-Will stand in one place checking for motion for a given amount of time. If motion is detected then a picture is taken and saved to the SD card and you are alerted via your smart phone of a the activity. If no motion is detected after a given period of time will then move to another area and start the same process over again.

Follow Color-Will follow a given color around chasing it much like a child would do.

Find barcode is used to navigate from room to room and also find the charging station.

Find Me is a command that uses the Microphones and after being put into this mode will then ask you to talk so that he can locate you.

Find Color in this mode you ask him to find the color and he will scan the room looking for the color, when then color is found he will tell you that it was either to the left or right of him at what degree and will then go to it and wait.

Timer set allows you to set a timer much like a cooking timer for a given time and it will remind you 5 minutes before the time is about to end and then once again when it has ended.

You can ask him what time it is and it will give that.



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