Biped Leg Design

Posted on 10/02/2019 by jeffro
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A new biped leg design that provides stability and a fast walking gait.

Stable Legs

From our failures we learn and gain more knowledge to make the next attempt even more successful.
Lord knows I have gone head to head with the school of hard knocks more than one time and have learned much.
I have been working on several different designs in legs for a biped.
The larges problem that any biped has is stability and not falling over.
The majority of the time a biped falls over is due to a vibration being set up much like a frequency in a sound wave.
Once this vibration hits the right frequency the bot will fall over has stands no chance at being stable.
You can slow the walking gait down and this helps but now we have a zombie bot, walks and is interesting but providing a function, well if its in a race against a snail maybe.
I have come up with a design in biped legs that prevents this from happening. 
Each leg uses 6 servos which gives us 12DOF (Degrees of Freedom).
Here are a couple pictures of my finished work and a video of the legs walking fast paced.
You will notice that in the video the bot is really not going anywhere, this is intentional to test the balance and vibration.
The bot was later testing on carpet and did extremely well which is a feat as carpet is a difficult surface to work with as it gives with pressure.

Here is a video. Youtube Video

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