Posted on 13/06/2022 by parkerbird
Modified on: 19/10/2022
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I love building things especially Robots, am a go big or go home kind of guy :)

Have built an Arcade Cabinet and Racing Sim and have enjoyed my current robot build and the kids love the 2 trailers.

But I've never been able to get 6 wheels out of my head

Rebuilding My last robot

So after much time and thought and especially the fact the nice weather is here, its time for me to build my vision of a 6 wheeled beast.

But this time i am going to do my up most best to make it look as professional as possible.


First started with taking apart my current robot.

Good by old friend :) 



Bought 2 meters of box Section 60mm Width x 60mm Height x 3mm Wall Thickness, cut it in half and took the back plate off one of my wheelchairs motors, to use as a template for drilling holes.
My loving parents bought me a carry case of metal drill bits, which i think where made of compressed straw, as i snapped about 10 of them and took an age to cut into the metal. So i popped to my favorite place to buy bits and bobs, Screwfix ! got a much better drill bit, which did the job much better.

Fitted the motors with M6 bolts, then the wheels, just to see what it would look like, was really chuffed.

Day three of building, wanted to get it together as best as I could, to test the skid steer. 

Used some bits of metal to hold the chassis together, as i needed to test that skid steering, will be taking a bit of weight.


Used my old chassis on the top and added both of my 85ah batteries, wired everything up...........and yes it drove quite well, 2 of the wheels span in the wrong direction and the frame  wasn't that great, bottom right side wasn't level and its wheel was just spinning.

Next job is to completely take it all apart and start reinforcing my box sections, unfortunately I don't have any wielding tools, so it bolts and braces.  

Oh and get it all level :) 




So have been a busy bee working with my new Robot. Only issue is the wife now.

“Stop spending money on that bloody robot” but she loves it really 😊

So I designed what I wanted it to look like in 3DS Max and it didn’t quite work out that way.

Thought the drop at the back didn’t look great, so raised it and now glad that I did.

Added my stickers on both sides, now just need to add the trims to the top sides, add the lights on the front, sort a cooling system on the back to keep the motor controller coolers as she’s getting hot.


Plus a ton of other things.

If anyone would like to see more, follow my page on Facebook. heres the link All Things Dave



So after i Finished my vision of a 6 wheeled robot.

Have been quite lucky really, as this didn’t cost me a massive amount of money, due to the fact i already had 4 wheelchair motors on the last build and also had one spare.  So it was just a matter of buying another motor matching the others.

The main frame is built from 25x25x2mm box frame, I used the left-over metal from my last frame to attach a cross section, then install stud work wood between the metal. giving me the something to screw into.

Built up the sides and top with MDF and the bottom for batteries to rest on. Batteries are sat in a little box frame to stop them moving. only reason i used wood is that i don't have any real tools for bending metal to fit, so wood it is.

Looking at it with just wood, didn't look great and painting it wouldn't look all that either, So as always i used rubber matting, with a large sticker you would expect to see on a boy race car.
Am fairly happy with the finished product, still doesn't look as professional as i would like, used some rubber car door trims to try and tidy up the sides, but sometime the open and close lids font and back don’t close as well I would like, so showing some of the wood.

Driving it is a challenge as you can except with it being 6 wheel drive, grass, Gravel etc, skid turns are fine, but pavements etc it’s a backwards and forwards a few times to get it to turn.

Battery life with 2x82ah batteries in series last ages, goes for miles, laterally.

But after finishing it and looking at it, am still not happy, guess i watch to much BattleBots and wanting the perfect finished like they have. Am now thinking of either chopping part of the back off and have it as just 4 wheeled drive again but moving the motors closer with slightly larger wheels.

Have been lucky enough to have been given and 10-12 MPH mobility scooter, which has faulty wiring. so am thinking of turn that into a 6 wheeled drive robot, with the front steering via another motor.

Either way i declare this robot done, until it time to re-build again for the 5th time :) 

Thanks for looking guys

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