First Look: 12DOF ROS2 Robot Dog - Perfect Combination Of Smart Technology & Creativity

Posted on 29/08/2023 by Riley224
Modified on: 19/09/2023
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Yahboom Robot Dog is a visual AI robot dog with 12 degrees of freedom, mainly composed of 6 servos, aluminum alloy brackets, and a camera. It can flexibly complete a series of bionic actions and achieve omni-directional movement and six dimensional attitude control.Raspberry Pi as its main controller, with additional configurations such as lidar and voice module. Through Python programming, based on the Ubuntu 20.04 ROS2 system, many functions such as AI visual recognition, lidar mapping navigation, and voice control can be achieved. This robot is available on

The packaging of the Yahboom Robot Dog is neat and full of sense of technology. The high-definition picture of the product is printed on the front of the box, which is clear at a glance. After unpacking, we saw the exquisite robot dog body and accessories, presenting a simple and modern design style.

Product details:


Robot dog is made of high-quality metal material, which feels comfortable in the hand. 


Lidar detection technology: Yahboom robot dog is equipped with advanced lidar detection technology, which can sense the surrounding environment in real time within a certain range, avoid obstacles, and ensure the safety and stability of its own actions.

Voice interaction technology: Yahboom robot dog possess high-quality voice interaction module. This module has super anti-interference ability, the robot dog can recognize voice without error during the movement.

Intelligent control: DOGZILLA based on Raspberry Pi board, which supports a variety of control methods, such as mobile phone APP remote control, handle control, computer keyboard remote control, etc. Users can make the robot dog complete various actions through simple instructions, which increases the interactivity with the device.

Programmable: Raspberry Pi, as an open source platform, provides a wide range of possibilities for the function expansion of the mechanical dog. Users can program according to their own needs, add new functions and behaviors.

And Yahboom provide many tutorials and open source codes for reference. 

Education and creativity: This robot dog is not only a smart toy, but also an educational tool. Users can learn through programming, develop their creativity and problem-solving skills, and explore the mysteries of technology.


In actual use, the Raspberry Pi lidar robot dog shows excellent performance. Through the mobile APP, we can easily control the movement and action of the robot dog, and also set parameters such as cruise path and sensitivity. The application of lidar technology enables the robot dog to actively avoid obstacles and avoid collisions when encountering obstacles. At the same time, the combination of robot dog and programming allows us to experience the fun of technology and the display of creativity.

The Raspberry Pi lidar robot dog has a broad application prospect.

In the family, it can be used as an intelligent assistant to help us complete some daily tasks;

In the field of education, it can cultivate students' hands-on ability and innovative thinking;

In the field of scientific research and industry, it can be used for environmental monitoring and automated production.

In the future, with the continuous development of technology, the Raspberry Pi lidar robot dog is expected to become an important member of the intelligent era.

As the crystallization of intelligent technology and creativity, the Raspberry Pi lidar robot dog has brought us a new experience and way of thinking. Its unique functional characteristics and broad application prospects make people full of expectations for the future. Both technology enthusiasts and ordinary consumers can feel the charm of technological innovation.

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