Lynxmotion Quadrino FCT - MultiWii Made Easy

With the release of our Lynxmotion Quadrino Nano UAV Flight Controller, we developed an improved version of the Quadrino FCT (Firmware Configuration Tool) which allows for an easy to setup MultiWii experience. Furthermore, we included an algorithm that now takes your multirotor physical properties as well as other information to generate matching PID's. This greatly removes the frustration of trying to takeoff with an un-tuned copter. The FCT will guide the user in a step by step and user friendly interface without the need of using Arduino IDE and define lines of code for the hardware / setup they need. That's the usual way to setup a MultiWii flight controller and this leads to a steep learning curve for the multirotor experience. The FCT will go over all the needed parameters and also cover the optional things available in the MultiWii code such as battery voltage alerts and fail safe settings. Note that the FCT is not a fixed / finished project and we will improve its capabilities whenever needed. We want to provide the best MultiWii user experience around. Here are some of the FCT setup pages available.
Quadrino FCT - Board Selection
Quadrino FCT - Board Selection:
  • Since our FCT supports older versions of the Quadrino, you can choose which board you have
  • Image shows the board selected for a visual confirmation
  • Automatically sets the sensors and orientation for the board selected
  • Allow for address and sensor changes for advanced users
FCT - 03Quadrino FCT - Copter Setup
Quadrino FCT - Copter Setup:
  • Drop-down to select type of multirotor supports all MultiWii configurations
  • Visual drawing of the multirotor chosen
  • Propeller animation that shows the user the right direction of rotation for each multirotor type
  • Mouse-over the drawing to obtain motor connection pin-out
  • Include a PID generator
Quadrino FCT - Options
Quadrino FCT - Options:
  • Many sub-ptions are available which can be set up
  • Receiver type / GPS / voltage alarm
  • Most features include test information for a better understanding
Quadrino FCT - Flash
Quadrino FCT - Flash:
  • The Flash page will compile and upload MultiWii to the Quadrino
  • Auto detection of the serial COM port
  • Quick install / start of both MultiWiiConf and WinGUI interfaces
FCT-QuadX-AnimationQuadrino FCT - QUADX Animation
Here is a short animation showing the copter page in QUADX multicopter mode showing the actual propeller directions needed on the copter as well as the motor controller (ESC) connection to the Quadrino flight controller.
  The FCT is available to download for anyone and can be tested without having a Quadrino flight controller. We also created a user manual that details every aspect of the software where we added more information about the various setup pages. Quadrino FCT (Firmware Configuration Tool) Lynxmotion UAV - Quadrino FCT User Guide V1.0 Lynxmotion Quadrino Nano Drone/UAV Flight Controller (with GPS)  
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