JoiTech Humanoid Robot

Posted on 04/05/2010 by vabry in Humanoids
JoiTech The Osaka Institute of Technology has created a humanoid robot called JoiTech. The robot which is almost as tall as a man - between 1.30 m and 1.60 m - has been designed with the aim of playing football. It made its first appearance at the Japanese 2010 Robocup. JoiTech has 22 degrees of freedom. It doesn't run on the ground for now, but walks and hits the ball with a nice style. (See our photo montage above.) The ultimate goal of applied robotics in sport and particularly soccer is to be able to create humanoid robots like JoiTech which will be capable of running after the ball, making passes and moving quickly. We're still not quite there yet but the revolution is underway. And soon it'll be running! :-) via pp
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