Blockchain and Robotics: Securing Data and Transactions in Autonomous Systems

Posted on 25/06/2024 by MilesOliver in Discover

The ever-advancing inter connectivity of the internet has led to true growth in data-sharing and transactions. However, these autonomous systems that share information are not without fault. With the vast array of networks and data-sharing capabilities, there are numerous opportunities for data breaches and other security issues. Particularly in robotics, blockchain can ensure data integrity and improve network security by decentralizing sensitive information. Learn how blockchain technology can fortify the autonomy of robotic systems, like self-driving cars or supply chain management systems, allowing them to work seamlessly, independently, and in real time while staying secure.

Blockchain Applications in Robotics

Decentralized ledgers, or blockchain technologies, have immense potential to improve robotics security. Warehouse robotics, for example, use advanced automation to improve workflows, analyze workplace safety, and effectively manage inventory. This is important for cutting costs but relies on a decentralized system that houses important warehouse data, typically on the cloud. If blockchain technology is implemented instead, this data will be more secure and immovable. Cloud-based systems are vulnerable to attacks, while blockchain locks the data in place and ensures that it can’t be compromised. 

This is important to keep internal communication and client information safe from hackers. Blockchain ensures traceability, which can be applied to many aspects of the robotics industry. For instance, companies can ensure the authenticity of robotic components used in manufacturing and assembly when moving along the supply chain. Further, autonomous robots can exchange data more securely in all implementations, including facilitating contracts, authenticating users, and automating payments.

Safeguarding Data Exchanges and Financial Transactions

Transparency and reliability are of utmost importance as robotics are increasingly integrated into companies and society. Users must be able to trust that their information is safe when being handled by autonomous systems. Blockchain can be the solution here. Security threats to robotics are becoming increasingly sophisticated. As technology advances, so do hacking techniques and opportunities for vulnerabilities. 

AI-powered robots can be more dangerous when hacked than typical software systems or databases. Bad actors can harness the power of these systems to enact harm against their users, clients, and society at large. Network infrastructure monitoring is crucial to prevent cyberattacks and business disruptions. When working with a managed service provider (MSP), companies must trust this third party to keep their information secure. This involves network security, bandwidth usage, and the health of Internet of Things (IoT) devices on the network. Instead of relying on companies that use the cloud, blockchain can encrypt all of this data, providing a solid wall against threats. 

Providing Decentralized Trust and Sustainability

It’s costly and energy-draining to host all of your company information on internal servers. While possible, it still comes with major security responsibilities. There are ways to keep your information safe using internal network structures, like deploying dark fiber. Dark fiber, however, utilizes a wide-area network that relies on a large amount of local-area network servers. These typically require at least two separate locations that communicate with each other to create a larger area network. While this secures data more than typical onsite network infrastructure, it can be costly and energy-intensive, demanding high-capacity storage devices, tight security, and large bandwidth capacities for efficient data communication.

Blockchain eliminates the need for intensive internal networks or working with third-party intermediaries. Blockchain does use up large amounts of energy, but this can be mitigated. It takes energy to mine data from each block. However, greener blockchain is founded on the switch from Proof-of-Work (PoW) to Proof-of-Stake (PoS). PoW is energy-intensive, while PoS-powered blockchain allows authentication of users by proving their ownership of some asset on the blockchain. This can potentially reduce the energy consumption of blockchain transactions by 99.95%.

People and companies are relying on increasingly sophisticated means of data communication. They expect fast communication, but they also want it to be safe and secure. Sustainability is also a big priority, and blockchain offers an answer to all of these asks. Sophisticated blockchain technology can revolutionize the way autonomous systems move information and authenticate users quickly, keeping energy use down and providing transparency to its users in a safe and secure way.

The Future of Blockchain Solutions in Robotics

Robotics and blockchain are poised to have a symbiotic relationship in the near future. Autonomous systems can be transformed with the use of blockchain’s immutable data trails, ensuring tamper-proof records of robotic interactions. This enhances the accountability and trust of the companies using these advanced autonomous systems — something imperative for the integration of these systems into everyday life. Decentralized coordination between smart systems and robots can optimize tasks like supply chain logistics. 

Challenges with blockchain solutions in robotics are inevitable, like scalability and energy efficiency. However, researchers and professionals in the industry are working on solutions to these issues optimistically. The integration of PoS authentication can cut down on energy use, allowing the field of robotics to tap into the benefits of decentralized ledgers. This fusion of blockchain and robotics points to a not only interconnected but resilient and transparent technological future.


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