Arrival of the Mini UAVs / Drones

Heli-Max Mini UAV'sHeli-Max new Mini's Arrival, the 1SQ and 1Si
RobotShop recently received the first shipment of several new Mini UAVs / Drones. Unlike many small R/C quadcopter kits on the market, these are RTF (Ready To Fly) models, so everything needed to fly is inside the box. Charge the battery, plug it in and take off. Two inexpensive models we tested recently allow you to not only pilot the copter remotely, but are each equipped with a micro camera that records video and/or pictures during the flight. It is really easy to start/stop recording (which is done via the transmitter) - one button for video, another for photo. These are a blast to fly indoors and out (of course when the weather is on your side). So how "mini" are they? How about 143mm x 145mm! Here is a front view showing then in front of the Lynxmotion Crazy2Fly and Hunter VTail 400 to give you an idea of the size.
Mini-vs-LynxmotionLynxmotion Crazy2Fly & Hunter VTail 400 against the two new Mini's
The transmitters which come with the copters have two joysticks on the front, an LCD display for settings as well as a large on/off switch. On the rear there is one button for photo capture and another for video.
Heli-Max - Transmitter - Front&BackHeli-Max Mini UAV's Transmitter Front & Back
You can find both of these products in the "Small / Micro UAVs" category on RobotShop website. RobotShop is working to increase our selection of UAVs & Drones and will be adding more models to the lineup, including one which is even smaller! Do you have experience with mini / micro UAVs? Tell us in the comments below.
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