Amazon Made History - First Prime Air Drone Delivery

Posted on 23/12/2016 by dialfonzo in Drone
A couple of days back (December 7th) the Amazon company / team made the first real package delivery with a Drone using their "Prime Air" option. This was a completely autonomous flight which makes it an even bigger achievement. They developed multiple prototypes including a special drone that's able to take off vertically (VTOL / vertical take-off and landing), but still fly like a plane in forward flight which allows them to get much better efficiency. The goal behind all this development is to provide customers with a fast, 30 min or less, delivery. Lots of work still needs to be achieved for a real system to be operational, but this is a step in the right direction. Problems like regulations and keeping those Drones safe for the public are just a few barriers that need to be overcome. Having big names push forward the limits of Drones for the public might help get people aware of the technology and cause less fear for these products as well as help the government provide the right legislation.  
Here's the official Amazon footage video:
Those are a few of the revealed prototypes that Amazon developed for Prime Air delivery application:
amazon-prime-air_drone-mod maxresdefault image-3-_cr081340762_
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