AILA Humanoid Robot

Posted on 22/04/2010 by vabry in Humanoids
Aila AILA is a new humanoid robot prototype presented at Hanover Messe 2010 which is taking place right now in Hanover in Germany (from April 19 to 23). The robot uses RFID and SemProM (Semantic Product Memory) coupled with a 3D camera to grab and carry various objects. Aila is able to remember the shape, size, texture and hardness of the object by analyzing it thanks to an RFID memory chip installed on each object and which transmits information to its RFID reader in its left hand. The robot can thus carry and put away different items in their place by following instructions. Aila has 22 degrees of freedom of which 2 are in the wheels, 7 in each arm, 4 in the body and 2 in the head. via pp
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