5 Times Intel Drones Wowed Us

Drones and UAVs are used more and more in the professional and recreational sector. Every day they're getting more and more powerful, precise, smart,... These innovations can be harnessed for the aforementioned applications, but also in the entertainment sector. Intel is a leader in this and has been amazing us for quite some time. Here's 5 times where their swarms particularly outdid themselves.

Coachella 2017 - 300 Intel Shooting Star Drones

The 2017 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival took fans into the future when 300 synchronized Shooting Star drones illuminated the night sky above center stage. A crowd of more than 100,000 Coachella concertgoers saw history in the making when 300 Intel Shooting Star drones colored the night sky. The dancing drones took the shape of a ferris wheel, then a rotating windmill, palm trees and other colorful 3D animated objects. The show was pPresented by HP before Radiohead's and Lady Gaga's respective performances,

Wonder Woman 2017 - 300 Intel Shooting Star Drones

On September 14th 2017, Intel Shooting Star Drones performed at Dodger Stadium for the Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and Intel presentation of "Wonder Woman in the Sky" in Los Angeles. This was a particularly exciting moment for Nathalie Cheung, general manager of drone light shows in the Intel Drone group, and her all-female operations team that made it possible. 300 drones accompanied a live performance by cellist Tina Guo.

Disney World 2016 - 300 Intel Shooting Star Drones

The Holiday season at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida got even more magical last year. It was the first time in the US that 300 drones simultaneously performed a synchronized light show. The show came up to life in less than 6 months, with an initial meeting between Intel and Disney in July 2016 and the first show in November 2016.

Vivid Sydney 2016 - 100 Intel Shooting Star Drones

Vivid Sydney is a festival designed on three core principles : Light, Music, and Ideas. Which is why it was the best place for Intel to showcase its Drone 100 project for the first time in a public appearance there. For five nights in a row, 100 drones flew over Sydney Harbour in a mesmerizing light spectacle with a live performance by the Sydney Youth Orchestra.This was a breathtaking visual experience.  

Super Bowl 2017 - 300 Intel Shooting Star Drones

Probably the most known performance of Intel Shooting Stars, the Super Bowl 51 introduction with Lady Gaga sure marked the spirits. The drones flew over Houston's Stadium and made for an introduction that will be remembered for decades. It was also the first time that Intel managed to get a Part 107 authorization from the FAA to fly its drones near a stadium.

What's next?

Starting from 100 drones in Sydney, to 300 in most of the performances, and to 500 for a record-setting performance, Intel is actually claiming the system is limitless in its scale and would be able to control more than 10,000 drones at the same time. Beyond the entertainment applications, the swarming software could reveal extremely useful for professional applications. Imagine hundreds of drones 3D mapping areas, or leading search and rescue operations from the sky,... The possibilities are limitles and it will probably make the drone industry enter a new phase.
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