10 good reasons to invest in robots

Posted on 18/02/2010 by vabry in Industrial
10 Robotics reasons The video below is not brand new but it mentions 10 important points and advantages for companies considering investing in robotics. It's speaking mainly about industrial robots, but some of these arguments can also be applied towards professional robotics. Investing in robotics has a number of advantages. Here are the top 10 presented by ABB Robotics, which has included the results of a survey carried out by the International Federation of Robotics:
  1. Reducing operational costs
  2. Improving product quality
  3. Improving employee work quality
  4. Increasing production rates (faster)
  5. Increasing flexibility in manufactured products (multi-tasking)
  6. Reducing the waste of materials
  7. Ensuring workplace safety and improving worker health
  8. Reducing staff turnover and recruitment difficulties
  9. Reducing energy costs and consumption
  10. Reducing workspace for large manufacturers
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