What is the gamification system and how does it work?

The RobotShop Community gamification system is centered around the leaderboards.

As users interact with each others each other and participate, they earn points. Every few minutes, the leaderboards are refreshed to rank which members are the top users.

When members do something really great, they are awarded with a badge. You can view the list of available badges on the badges page. Users can display a badge as their title on the forums.

You also view a user's points, rank and badges on their profile page.

Write tutorials, share your robots and create posts on the forums — the most engaged users will reach the top of the leaderboards. Is it going to be you?

What are the ranks?

  1. New User
  2. Rising
  3. Achieving
  4. Progressing
  5. Advancing
  6. Noted
  7. Invested
  8. Dedicated
  9. Committed
  10. Veteran
  11. Reputable
  12. Prominent
  13. Venerable
  14. Influential
  15. Famous
  16. Esteemed
  17. Renouned
  18. Honored
  19. Distinguished
  20. Elite 1
  21. Elite 2
  22. Elite 3
  23. Elite 4
  24. Elite 5
  25. The first user to reach this rank earns the right to choose this title

RobotShop reserves the right to modify the chosen title name.